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Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System


Mental health services are safe for all

All health services ensure the physical, sexual and psychological safety of the people who use them. We call on any future government to commit to working with consumers, family and friends, the workforce and service providers to build a mental health system and services that can keep people safe.

It is important that both mental health consumers, and the family and friends that support them, have confidence in the safety of facilities and services that they use.

The findings of the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner’s report into sexual safety in inpatient units, The Right to be Safe, brings to life the harsh reality many find within Victoria’s inpatient services. The day to day reality that sexual and other violence occurs in these environments and goes unrecorded, unreported and untreated must come to an end.

A mental health system with unsafe services and facilities will not be able to help consumers on their recovery journey, include and respect the role of family and friends in their lives and respect the workforce that provides those services. Real political leadership is needed to say enough is enough and commit to real change in keeping people safe from harm.

Victoria must continue to build on the reform principles outlined in Targeting Zero and deliver safety protocols that are robust and responsive.

Targeting zero, the review of hospital safety and quality assurance in Victoria
Ensuring sexual safety in acute mental health inpatient units 

Esther | “It’s disgraceful that we’ve let this go on for so long. We must do more. Safety is a basic human right and if we can’t guarantee that in our mental health services then we are failing as a society to meet our most basic obligations to one another."

Read Esther's story of her family's experience with the Victorian mental health system.

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