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Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System


Family and friends can access tailored mental health supports and services that meet their needs

Providing support for someone shouldn’t come at a huge cost to family and friends, financially, socially, emotionally or physically. Any mental health system must include pathways for tailored services to enable family and friends to continue providing support while also living an active life.

Supporting someone with mental health issues can be extremely rewarding. It can also come with associated financial, social, emotional and physical disadvantage. A mental health system that is focused on supporting relationships must include pathways for tailored services to enable families to continue providing support while also living a meaningful life in their own right.

Research shows that providing informal care often comes at a personal cost. Mental health carers have consistently been shown to have some of the lowest ratings of life satisfaction, poorer physical health outcomes, vulnerability to developing depression and other mood disorders and financial distress.

Tandem’s advocacy campaign Supporting Relationships outlines key values of a compassionate and fair mental health system that recognizes the vital role that the 60,000 Victorian informal mental health carers play every day. It reminds governments that the replacement of this support would be cost prohibitive at $3.3 Billion per year.

By funding tailored mental health supports and services for mental health carers an incoming Victorian Government can demonstrate it is fair.

Bronwyn | "I had to fight for every support and every inch of recognition I could get, but even that wasn’t enough. I cannot fathom why a system that is supposed to help people fought so hard against someone’s vital supporter and advocate. All I can hope is that we learn these lessons for those living through that stuff today. No one is an island, we all need help from time to time and our health systems should be that support, not the cause of more suffering and loss."

Read Bronwyn's s story of her family's experience with the Victorian mental health system.


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